Renault Key Card Replacement Cost

Renault key cards come with multi-purpose buttons that can be used to control a range of functions including the auto-locking feature, activating horns and lights, and setting the car alarm. They are incredibly useful but they can also be frustrating when the buttons stop functioning.

First designed by Renault 20 years ago the hands-free card has gone through many changes. This is how it has changed the way we travel.

How does it work

When the Renault hands-free card first launched it was considered to be an excellent accessory that would allow drivers to unlock their vehicle without having to pull the key out of the ignition or reach for their key chain. Renault has developed this feature to make it better over the years.

The first version of the hands-free device was launched in 2001, with the Laguna II saloon as a practical alternative to the remote car key or key fob. Renault designers were influenced by this idea after a product manager observed the customer of a hotel use a card to open or close the door with their room key. The hands-free card created was so popular, it was fitted to two of three Renault vehicles including the Espace minivan and Vel Satis minivan.

If you’ve ever used a key made of card to start your Renault and noticed that the buttons on the key do not work, it could be that the card itself has faulty internals. This is a common problem that develops over time because of constant use and the constant pressure on the tiny circuitry inside the card.

UK Auto Locksmiths carry many Renault keys and cards in stock. They can often cut and program a brand new key on the same day you contact them. This is a far better option instead of having to return to the dealer, which will likely involve waiting around for weeks until your new key arrives from France.


Renault key cards let you to control the car’s various functions without having to touch anything. They can unlock doors, activate the lights and horn to draw attention or even trigger an alarm if you want to discourage thieves. They can also set limits on the speed and volume of audio systems, as well as other security measures.

The hands-free card was created by Renault in 1998 and has been an enormous hit with consumers around the globe. Initially seen as something worthy of a 007 movie the tiny object – barely larger than a credit card has revolutionized the manner we drive and re-defined the standards of comfort.

The hands-free card is among of the most well-known car accessories in the world, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning: as of 2021, it was incorporated in two of the three Renault vehicles. In the near future, it could even replace smartphones.

Renault key cards may have issues, for example, not being recognized after inserting in the reader or displaying a message saying “insert” or “card detected”. The problem can be fixed but only by a locksmith. Key cards can only be programmed once for a particular car. A locksmith can offer you an alternative for your Renault key card and offer it at just a fraction of what is of the dealerships.


Renault key cards are distinctive in their look and feel. They function the same way as a chipped car key, but with one major difference, they can be used to open and start the car without opening the door lock. They can do this because a transponder is included inside. This chip transmits an electronic message to the immobiliser and allows it to start the engine.

If these key cards get lost, it can be a huge hassle. Fortunately for most people, they can be replaced for only a fraction of the cost that dealerships charge. A professional locksmith can handle this for you and also fix any issues with your Renault key card.

Many people believe that the only option to replace the lost Renault keycard is to visit the local dealer and order one. This could be a lengthy process that may prevent you from driving for a whole day or more as you wait for the key. renault clio key will be able replace your lost Renault card the very same day you lose it. This will save you lots of time and money. They can also repair any issues you might have with your Renault keycard, such as damaged or cracked boards.


Renault key cards permit drivers to activate the ignition, car alarm and other systems without having to physically touch the vehicle. They can also auto-lock the doors, turn on the lights and even trigger the horn to attract attention. Unfortunately, this option comes with a price in the event that you lose your Renault key card, it can cost you a fortune to replace it.

One of the most effective ways to save money on a replacement Renault key card is by hiring a locksmith. They have the expertise and equipment required to create an exchange renault key card in Dublin at just a fraction of the price you would pay at a dealership. But, it is important to look at prices to ensure that you get the best deal.

There are many problems that can cause your Renault key card to cease to function. A few common issues include an error message that reads “insert key card” or “card not detected”. These issues are usually caused by a damaged chip on the key card. The chip can be repaired however, it’s expensive and it may not always function.

If you don’t have a spare Renault key card, it is recommended to replace yours as soon as possible. You might not be in a position to start your vehicle if you hold off for too long.