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Types of Windows and Doors

Windows can improve your home’s appearance improve the value of your home and boost energy efficiency. They are easy to maintain and will keep your home warm throughout the year.

Mullion – A fixed narrow unit that is inserted into the frame of a window or door. Also referred to as sidelites or picture windows.


The material you choose for doors and windows could affect your home’s overall appearance and performance. upvc door repairs basingstoke is an increasingly popular choice for door and window frames due to its strength and energy efficiency. PVCu is a different name for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.

UPVC is a fantastic insulation, and it doesn’t conduct heat in the same way that metal does. UPVC is a great choice to lower your electric bill and keep your home comfortable and warm. It is also an eco friendly product, since it can easily be recycled.

If you’re considering UPVC for your home, you should know that it is able to be made to fit any style. You can pick the color to match the interior decor of your home. It’s important to choose an organization that is specialized in UPVC installation so that you can enjoy the best results.

Ask about the warranty and service options when choosing a business who installs uPVC windows. A reputable company will stand behind their products and stand by the work they do. They will also provide an estimate in writing prior to beginning any work.

Many homeowners don’t realize that UPVC is an eco-friendly material, however it is. The manufacturing process of UPVC requires less resources than other materials, and it is less damaging to the environment. UPVC is also easy to maintain and clean and is a great choice for those who are concerned about the environment.

UPVC is a great material for door and window frames however, it’s not suitable for all purposes. PVC for instance, is used in a wide variety of piping but can degrade over time. It also has phthalates and BPA which are harmful to the human body and the environment. This makes it unsuitable to be used in toys and other products for children.

UPVC offers numerous advantages over wood. These include superior insulation and lower costs of maintenance. Contact a local company to discuss your options if you’re looking to consider UPVC replacement windows in your home.

You can also find more about the Composite

Our front door designs made of composite are a great choice for those who want to upgrade their basingstoke door and window home with stunning double doors. Crafted with a timber core and layers of uPVC and GRP over it the doors provide next level levels of security, thermal efficiency, and durability. They’re capable of standing against the most severe physical assaults and will safeguard your home from the harshest of weather conditions.

They’re also designed to keep draughts and cold air out which allows you to stay comfortably all through the year. This helps you to become less dependent on your heating system, thereby saving money in the long term. Our doors made of composite are able to stand up to the force of gale-force winds, heavy rain, and snow without fading or warping. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that your home will be safe against the elements.

Our composite doors come in a range of woodgrain finishes that will give your front door the appearance and feel you’d expect from a wooden door. This is achieved through colorants that can mimic the natural grain of the wood, resulting in a stunning appearance for your home in Basingstoke.

Our composite doors are also very easy to keep clean. They won’t fade, rot, or bow. All they require is a simple wipe to clean dirt. This will keep the doors looking brand new for many more years. Our double doors are extremely energy efficient, with premium double glazing that helps to keep warm air inside your home, keeping you at ease all year long.


Timber windows are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to preserve the traditional appearance of their home. They are available in hardwood or softwood and come in a range of colors and finishes. Timber is a more eco-friendly material than other kinds.

However, it’s important to remember that wood is more demanding to maintain than other window materials. The wood can shrink and expand with the weather. This could cause cracks to form in the paint or varnish. Cracks in the paint or varnish allow water to enter which can damage the wood and eventually lead to decay. To avoid this issue it is important to use a high-quality paint or varnish.

Modern timber windows are designed to be weatherproof. They are a great option for homes in Basingstoke which are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Modern timber windows are engineered to withstand twisting and warping. They are also designed with high levels insulation to save energy.

Timber doors and windows are a premium product that comes with expert installation and outstanding customer service. Jewel can supply and install the ideal solution for your home, whether you are looking for upvc window repairs basingstoke French Doors, uPVC patio Doors, uPVC stable doors or aluminium Bifold Doors.

Timber doors and windows can add a touch of elegance to any house in Basingstoke by adding a touch of luxury to your interior design. The doors and upvc Window repairs basingstoke windows are also a great option to increase the security of your house. Our timber doors are designed to withstand impacts, helping to keep intruders out and your family secure inside. These doors can be fitted with additional locks for increased security.

Unlike uPVC and aluminum wood is a natural substance that will not warp or twist. These natural properties mean that timber windows and doors are more durable and long-lasting than their uPVC and aluminum counterparts. Timber is also immune to moisture, which can damage your window frame. If you’re thinking of renovating your home with new windows basingstoke doors and windows made of timber Contact us now to start!

Residence 9

Residence 9 windows are a new window system designed to mimic the 19th Century flush sash windows you’re likely to find in heritage homes and cottages throughout the UK. They are the ideal option for those looking to replace your traditional double glazing without compromising the distinctive look of your home.

They are made to measure so they fit perfectly. They have ornate details on the inside, and sit flush with the outside. You can choose from a variety of colours to match your existing fixtures and doors. Additionally, they can be ordered with a deep wood cill. Each window is hand-finished by an expert craftsman. This ensures that the mechanical joints receive the attention and precision they are due. This is something a machine cannot do.

The uPVC profile that forms the Residence 9 window is highly energy efficient. They are manufactured with high standards and offer excellent thermal, acoustic, as well as strength performance. They are available in both double and triple glazing, which can help lower your energy costs even more.

They are suitable for use in conservation areas provided they are in compliance with Article 4 Conservation guidelines. The primary requirement of this is that replacement windows have to be in line with the original windows in order to preserve the heritage appearance of your home. The flush sash exterior of the Residence 9 is what makes it popular with homeowners who wish to maintain the traditional look of their property.

Unlike classic timber windows, Residence 9 windows will never require painting or sanding. They are also incredibly secure with internal beads that keep intruders out through the glass. They are an excellent choice for older homes and those who require more security.

The Residence 9 features 9 chambers. This provides it with market-leading audio and thermal performance. In fact, it is so excellent that it has the ability to get an A+ rating when it is fitted with double glazed windows basingstoke glazing and an A++ when fitted with triple glazing. This is something other replacement windows struggle to attain.

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