Replacement Key For Renault Clio

Renault cars have an immobiliser system that’s extremely complicated. Many people believe that if they lose just one key, the only way to obtain an replacement is to contact their Renault dealer in France.

We offer a different option that is cheaper and more efficient. We keep all Renault keys and cards in stock, so we usually can provide you with a replacement substitute within an hour after you call us.

Keys that are chipped Keys

If your Renault has transponder chips, it will only start by using the right key. This prevents car theft by preventing the engine from running when an incorrect key is used.

The chip has an individual serial number that is identical to the one stored in your car’s computer. When you insert the new key in the ignition the chip sends a message to the immobiliser, which verifies if the code on your chip matches the one stored within the system. If the match is successful, your vehicle will allow fuel to flow, or activate the starter motor.

If the key does not send a match, or it is not recognized by the immobiliser, the car will stop starting and go into an emergency lockout mode. It usually lasts between three and four minutes. Once this happens, you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle and will need a new key.

For a new key, you’ll need to visit the local car locksmith. They’ll be able to identify the cut needed for your specific vehicle. Once they’ve identified these cuts, they can then create an exact duplicate copy of your key. renault key card can also program the replacement key to start your vehicle.

Key Cards

Renault key cards look very different to chipped keys but work in the same way. The card is inserted into the dash panel reader, and when you press the key button it unlocks the car. When you press the engine button, it begins the car. The key card can also be encoded to give you access to different areas of a building, so nobody else can access your car or certain areas of the office.

Keys that are not secure due to the fact that the plastic card may get damaged over time or the internal mechanisms may bend or crack. You’ll see a message saying “card is not detected” on the dash or, sometimes, an empty screen. This indicates that the card must be replaced.

We have these cards in stock and are able to cut and program a new Renault key at home or workplace. We can connect to your vehicle through laptop software and transfer the transponder code from your old key to the new. This eliminates the need to go to the Renault main dealer and wait for them to order a replacement key from France. This can be a long process that in some instances could leave you without an automobile for up to an entire week.

Key Fobs

Key fobs of today have more functions than locking and unlocking. Certain fobs have buttons that let drivers open and close the doors of their car and even start the engine remotely. Some also have a button that can open the windows and others let drivers call and auto-park their vehicle.

Certain of these features may be activated by simply pressing the buttons on the fob’s key in quick succession. The fobs are fitted with security features that can prevent their signals being intercepted or copied. It is possible to obtain a new key fob from your manufacturer. However, this could cost you more than you would have.

Renault also has keys that slot into the dash panel’s card reader. These cards emit a unique code that permits drivers to open doors and start engines. If you lose a key card, your insurance company may cover the cost of replacing it, but it will count against your policy’s deductible.

The Car Key People keep Renault keys and cards in stock, so we can cut and program a brand new Renault key for you on the same day as you contact us and save you time and money. We use laptop software to communicate with the computer in your car to program new keys. This is quicker and cheaper than contacting the Renault main dealer.

Remote Keys

Remote keys are the kind of key with a remote control unit incorporated within the head of the key. These keys are useful because they offer an additional security layer against car theft and burglary. The key blade of these types of keys does not have a cut across the edge like the traditional flat metal keys, and they feature a unique serial number. They are also designed to function as a replacement for traditional flat metal keys. They are more difficult to steal and are generally only used by the owner of the vehicle. They can be programmed at the dealership or by locksmiths using an instrument for diagnosing.

While some people think that transponder keys and key fobs are the identical, they’re not. Understanding the differences between these two will make it easier to comprehend their purposes. A transponder key is used to unlock the car doors but it also serves to start the engine. This is accomplished by sending a signal from a microchip in the car key to the engine. The microchip will be able to identify the vehicle’s unique serial number and then turn off the immobilizer.

Remember that a dealer will only program a remote if you have an authentic proof of registration or ownership. This will prevent thieves from recording the VIN and going to an area’s parts department to have the key fob programmable for another vehicle. Some online stores will offer the option of programming your key fob for you, but they will likely require proof of ownership prior to sending it to you.