Renault Master Key Replacement

Renaults have an extremely complex system of keys and immobiliser locks. There are two main systems that affect how a replacement key will be programmed.

The majority of people believe that the only option is to visit an official dealer, but this can be a lengthy process, and can be up to 50 percent more expensive. We can offer a more efficient solution.


Renault offers a range of different systems available with regard to immobilisers and keys. The earlier models (pre 2000) work with a key that needs to be inserted into the door lock and then pressed to start the car, it can be difficult to program keys to replace. The newer models from 2000 will have transponder keys that can be programmed into the car with laptop software by using its diagnostic socket.

Key cards

Renault key cards are different from conventional keys, however they function in the same way. They can be inserted into a dash card reader to open the car and begin it. This type of key also comes with a transponder chip inside it that helps identify the particular vehicle. A locksmith who is specialized in Dublin will be able to make a replacement Renault key or card for your vehicle. This will save you any hassles if your original key gets lost or damaged.

Renault key cards may be damaged through regular use. The buttons inside the key card could fail or become inoperative due to a hit or normal wear and wear and tear. If you find that your Renault key card isn’t opening in the car, or there is a sound of rattling emanating from it, you need to call an experienced locksmith. Locksmiths are equipped with the tools and know-how to design the brand new Renault key card. They are also cheaper than dealerships.

If you’ve lost your Renault key, it can be extremely frustrating, particularly if it is your only one! Many people believe that the only option to get a replacement key is to visit a Renault dealer. However, this could take quite a long time. Renault dealers must order the replacement key from their headquarters in France which could take up to a week to arrive. A locksmith can cut and program the replacement Renault key the same day that you call.

Keys equipped with transponder chips

If you have a Renault car manufactured in the last 20 years then chances are you have a key with a transponder chip in. These tiny circuits can help keep your car safe from theft since they only let the car start when the correct code is entered into it.

These chips are powered with an insignificant battery that could fail over time. This could result in the key not working. It is crucial to replace your Renault keys to your car immediately if you spot any issues. Beishir Lock and Security carry an array of these kinds of keys, and at less than the cost of the dealer, meaning you don’t need to shell out a fortune.

A replacement key can be obtained at the dealership. However, this is a lengthy process that could prevent you from driving. Locksmiths can reprogram your keys and provide you with a replacement for a fraction of the cost. renault zoe key utilize a computer to communicate with the car, and program the chip. This is typically an easier and less expensive option.

Some older Renaults have another key card that is installed into a dash-panel reader to begin the vehicle. These cards are more difficult to replace, however they work.

Replacement keys

Renault cars have a fairly complicated system as far as anti-theft locks and keys are concerned. Without getting into too much technical detail, there are two broad systems that affect how a replacement key can be programmed. Early models (usually up to 2000) work with a key that can’t be programmed into the car by simply plugging in a tester and pressing a button. These will require removal of what’s not an Eeprom chip from the anti-theft system and use of professional tools and software to write new key information into the car, allowing it to start.

The more modern Renaults like the Megane, Clio, and Laguna have more modern systems that uses a key card. They are different from traditional keys made of metal, and are slotted into a specially designed dashboard card reader to open the doors and start the engine. These can also be easily repaired by a professional locksmith at just a fraction of the price that you would expect to pay for the same service at a dealership.

Australian consumer advocates Choice recently conducted a survey of 22 dealerships about the cost of replacing one car key. Their findings were not positive. They discovered that it could cost you up to $1500 in an auto dealer, but the same job can be accomplished for a fraction of the price by a locksmith.